đŸĨ‡BenefitMine's CEX Profit Sharing Plan

Introducing BenefitMine's CEX Profit Sharing Plan

BenefitMine is committed to giving back to our community and rewarding our users for their loyalty and support. We recognize the importance of our users' contributions to our success and have created a unique program to share our profits with them.

Our CEX Profit Sharing Plan is designed to provide our users with a portion of our income from the centralized exchange (CEX) through a token burn program. The program is based on a tiered system that starts at 0.5% and increases incrementally up to 7%, allowing users to increase their percentage profit by burning more tokens.

The token burn program is a mechanism where tokens are intentionally destroyed, reducing the total supply and increasing the value of remaining tokens. By burning tokens, users can increase their profit percentage and receive a share of our CEX income. The total sum of the 20 tiers' percentage is 49.5%, meaning that 49.5% of the CEX income will be distributed to users based on their tier.

We believe that our CEX Profit Sharing Plan is a win-win for both our users and our exchange. By sharing our profits with our users, we can demonstrate our commitment to our community and reward our loyal users for their support. At the same time, our users can benefit from increased profitability through token burning and enjoy the potential appreciation of the remaining tokens.

At BenefitMine, we are dedicated to creating a fair and transparent platform that benefits our users. Our CEX Profit Sharing Plan is just one of the ways we are working to achieve this goal. We invite our users to join us in this exciting program and enjoy the rewards of our success.

How does it work?

To participate in the CEX Profit Sharing Plan, users need to burn a certain number of BenefitMine (BFM) tokens, depending on the tier they want to qualify for. The number of tokens needed for each tier increases gradually, allowing users to increase their percentage profit by burning more tokens. Users can calculate the difference between the number of tokens they have already burned and the number of tokens needed for the next tier, and burn the difference accordingly.

For example, to qualify for the first tier at 0.5%, users need to burn 45,454 BFM tokens. To qualify for the 20th tier at 7%, users need to burn 4,545,454 BFM tokens. By burning tokens and qualifying for a tier, users will be able to receive a percentage of the CEX income, which will be distributed on a regular basis.

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