Token Distribution

Our tokenomics are broken down into several key components:

Token sale (ICO & IEO): 6.4% of our token will be sold on IDO.

Token burn: 20% of our tokens will be burned, or removed from circulation, over time. This helps to decrease the overall supply of tokens, which can increase their value and prevent inflation.

Token redemption: 12.6% of our tokens will be reserved for token redemption. This means that users can exchange their tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency at a predetermined rate.

Exchange support, staking rewards, and airdrops: 25% of our tokens will be used to support the operation of our exchange, reward users who stake their tokens, and distribute tokens through airdrops to our community members.

Charity: 5% of our tokens will be dedicated to charitable causes that align with our mission and values.

BFM team: 12% of our tokens will be allocated to our team members as a reward for their hard work and dedication. (After the completion of the ICO, it will be locked for two years)

Marketing: 19% of our tokens will be used to promote and market our exchange, which will help to attract new users and increase liquidity on our platform.

Note: 50% of BFM token will be locked for two years when the ICO starts.

Overall, we believe that this tokenomics structure strikes a balance between incentivizing participation in our ecosystem, creating value for our users, and supporting our mission of building a fair and sustainable cryptocurrency exchange.

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